Nexus Ammo provides discerning shooters high impact solutions through unparalleled, patent-pending automation processes. The “Nexus Method” meticulously produces ammunition to exact tolerances equal to the attention of hand loading.

Our attention to detail and tolerances are achieved through a proprietary loading method. Our unique machinery and automation allows us to build ammunition to exact specifications, starting with the raw materials. This method is proven to provide a consistency in weight in every cartridge, delivering the quality and ballistic performance you require, deserve, and rely upon every day, in the face of any circumstance.

You can depend on Nexus Ammo to deliver a full ballistic spectrum of ammunition performance for your tactical, defense, or hunting needs. When you require consistency, accuracy, and repeatability… Nexus is your solution.

Strategic Armory Corps

In 2010 Strategic Armory Corps acquired AWC Systems Technology (AWC). AWC has more than 30 years of experience producing high-quality firearm suppressors. In 2011, Strategic Armory Corps expanded the business by acquiring Oklahoma-based Surgeon Rifles, a leading manufacturer in accurate, durable, proprietary bolt-action receivers and precision bolt-action custom rifles on the market. It is during this acquisition that Strategic Armory Corps was born. Over the next two years, Strategic Armory Corps diversified by adding NEXUS Ammo, Armalite, and McMillan Firearms to the group.

In August 2012, the Corporation acquired the intellectual property, supported by 23 patents, for technology related to powdered metal core ammunition. Additionally, Harold Beal, the inventor of the technology, joined Strategic Armory Corps as a consultant to help develop this new line, NEXUS Ammo. NEXUS Ammo now has a proprietary line of ammunition with professional-grade accuracy and high-density powder core technology.

In mid-2013, Armalite joined the Strategic Armory Corps lineup of premium brands. Armalite, a 60-year veteran of the industry, brings a wide variety of semi-automatic modern sporting rifles, bolt-action, and pistol-style firearms to the group. To round off the Corporation’s offerings, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing was acquired in November of 2013. McMillan Firearms adds premium hunting rifles and tactical bolt-action firearms to Strategic Armory Corps’ product offerings. Every aspect of Strategic Armory Corps has been designed and structured with the customer in mind. Whether you are law enforcement, military, or simply a firearms enthusiast, Strategic Armory Corps is truly our one-stop shop.