The Nexus Method


Nexus Ammunition is produced to the tightest tolerances through an unparalleled patented automation process. This extreme attention to detail and the precision tolerances are achieved through a technologically advanced, proprietary loading methodology that allows us to build ammunition to exacting specifications, starting with the raw materials. Our method is systematically proven to provide uniformity in the weight and design characteristics of every cartridge that we manufacture. Nexus produces the lowest standard deviation and extreme spread of any production ammunition, providing shooters a consistency in velocity that they can count on. This results in ballistic performance that is uniquely accurate and repeatable, creating the most accurate factory ammunition on the market.

The “Nexus Method” is achieved by utilizing the most high-tech manufacturing techniques and machines available on the market. The coalesce of our lean case manufacturing line, priming machine, proprietary loading methods/machines, and rigorous quality control processes allows us to meticulously produce the most accurate factory ammunition in the world. Most companies manufacture their ammo on a curve, meaning that only a portion of their production lot ends up as “match grade.” At Nexus, every cartridge is loaded to Match Grade standards, resulting in consistency you can count on, box after box.

Brass Manufacturing


Nexus Ammunition cartridge cases are quickly becoming known as the best in the industry, and for good reason. Nexus starts with high-quality raw materials and holds very tight sidewall variation throughout the process. The stringent quality control methods used to monitor quality of the product manufacturing processes ensure that the sidewall tolerances are between .001” and .0015”, which is nearly half the tolerances currently found in competitors products. The process incorporates induction annealing, which ensures a brass consistency that exceeds the expectations of the average re-loader. In fact, Nexus brass has the capability to be reloaded, on average, 2-3 more times than the competition before requiring any significant alterations to the cartridges.

Ammunition Priming


The Nexus priming machine takes a process that was traditionally manual or relatively unsafe and uses lean manufacturing techniques to prime ammunition in the most safe, precise, and repeatable process possible. Nexus is capable of waterproofing or crimping primers during this process to meet the needs of specific applications or contracts. These fully automated machines provide a low scrap rate, which allows us to keep the cost of manufacturing low.

Ammunition Loading
Nexus utilizes state-of-the-art loading machines that feature proprietary loading processes. These processes produce ammunition to exacting load tolerances, ensuring the most accurate and repeatable factory ammunition on the market. The automated and computer controlled machinery allow for quick adjustments and a wide variety of load recipes at the touch of a button. The machines are designed to facilitate quick-change overs, meaning Nexus can produce a wider range of precision rifle calibers in a shorter time period to meet the changing demands of the market.


Quality Control
Every cartridge that comes off of the Nexus manufacturing line is hand inspected by qualified personnel. They look for consistency in cosmetics, weight, and function. Random samples from each batch of ammunition are tested to ensure that each and every premium rifle cartridge that goes on the shelf is worthy of the Nexus Ammunition name.