Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Nexus ship ammo to me?

Most likely! However, check with your state and local laws. If your shipment address is in one of the following states, your answer will be canceled and you will be refunded.

We cannot ship to:

APO/FPO addresses



New York 


District of Columbia


Chicago, IL

For dealers and distributors, please contact us. 

What sets Nexus apart from the competition?

Nexus is manufactured using some of the finest components, advanced production methods, and tightest tolerances in the ammunition industry. This combination allows us to produce the most accurate, consistent, and reliable ammunition on the market. 

What calibers and loads are available?

Our current product offerings and associated data can be found

What specialty products are offered, such as subsonic loads?

Nexus offers subsonic ammunition that is astonishingly quiet when combined with suppressed firearms. These products and associated data can be found at

Who makes your components?

Nexus Ammo produces as much brass as possible, demand often outweighs our brass production capabilities. For components that are not made in-house by Nexus, we source top-quality components from trusted manufacturers. 

Where is your ammo manufactured?

All Nexus Ammo products are proudly manufactured in our Phoenix, Arizona facility right here in the U.S.A.. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that our components are sourced from U.S. companies. 

How does Nexus achieve such low standard deviation?

At Nexus Ammo, the use of high-quality components, proprietary production methods, and quality control requirements allow us to produce ammunition in a fashion that often results in single digit standard deviation. Each cartridge is measured and weighed throughout multiple stages of the manufacturing process, ensuring consistency that is rarely seen even in hand-loading applications. 

Can I purchase ammo components?

Our current production schedule is utilizing all of the components we produce. As component production volume is increased, brass may become available in the future. Check back with us!

What makes Nexus brass so good?

Our case manufacturing facility incorporates state-of-the-art machinery that produces brass casings to very specific dimensions with tight tolerances. Our quality control processes ensure that each brass casing that comes off the line is of the highest quality.

How should ammunition be stored?

The most important considerations to make when storing ammunition is to avoid the extremes. Extreme heat, extreme cold, and high humidity can all have a negative affect on your stored ammunition. Try to keep your ammunition in a low humidity climate, or utilize humidity controlling equipment such as desiccant packets if possible. Check your ammunition periodically to ensure that there are no signs of corrosion associated with improper storage.

Can I purchase Nexus products online?

Yes! However, please see our shipping restrictions before ordering. Orders that have shipping addresses that are restricted will not be shipped and refunded. 

Can you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship to consumers outside the United States. If you are a dealer or distributor outside of the United States, please reach out to

Do I pay sales tax?

We are required to collect state sales tax in Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Utah, and Oklahoma. 

How long will it take to get my order?

Most orders will ship within two business days from the receipt of your order. Depending on where your order is shipping to, ground transportation can take from 3-7 business days.